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Christmas Gifts for the Cat People in Your Life: 2021 Edition

Christmas 2021 is right around the corner and will be here before you know it! Do you have the purr-fect gift for the cat-lovers in your life? 🎁

Whether you know a cat mom, a cat dad, or lots of cat people, these are some of my all-time favorite cat products that I think would make great Christmas gifts. And as a certified cat lady with 5 cat children, I like to think that I am well-versed in feline fancies.

The links in this article may be affiliate links, where I earn a small commission if you decide to purchase through them. Thank you in advance for supporting Cat Lady Tails!

1. The Litter Robot - $549

We'll start off with a big one, and my all-time favorite cat product. Once I added a third cat to my household, I knew I needed a change when it came to my litter box situation. I ordered my first Litter Robot back in July of 2020 and will never, ever go back to manual scooping. Although the Litter Robot is a bit pricey, the investment is well worth the time, money, and litter saved. I now have 2 Litter Robots and am completely obsessed. If you have a cat lady or cat dad you want to splurge on this holiday season, look no further than the Litter Robot! Save $25 on a Litter Robot when you use our link here, discount applies at checkout!

2. Meowbox Subscription Box - Starts at $29.95

As a cat lady, I especially enjoy sharing women-owned businesses, which is why I highly recommend a Meowbox subscription as an excellent Christmas gift! Meowbox is a monthly, themed subscription box that comes filled with treats and toys for your kitties. You can order 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month subscriptions, and even add on additional toys and treats if you like. Use code CATLADYTAILS to save on your own Meowbox subscription!

3. Toasty Cat The Original Bread Bed - $49

Cats are known for their biscuit-making, as well as their loafing abilities, so why not get a loaf for a loaf? 🍞 The Toasty Cat original bread bed comes with an adorable cat-loaf shaped bed, as well as a butter and avocado toy to accommodate all your toast's needs. Grab your Toasty Cat bread bed by clicking here.

4. Selify Cat Window Perch - $34.95

I was hesitant to give window perches a chance, but these specific perches have worked so incredibly well! And my cats absolutely adore them; they spend most of their days in them, I swear. Plus, this perch also comes with an added cat toy for extra fun. This would make a great Christmas gift for the cat parent in your life! Grab your Selify cat window perch by clicking here.

5. Basepaws Cat DNA Tests - Starts at $69

If your cat-loving friend is also a bit of a nerd like I am, then they'll thoroughly enjoy the gift of a Basepaws cat DNA test! Basepaws offers three different DNA tests to choose from, and use groundbreaking genetic science to help us all learn more about our feline best friends. Use code CATLADYTAILS to save on a Basepaws test here!

6. ChomChom Roller - $24.95

I saw the ChomChom pet hair roller all over TikTok before finally pulling the trigger--and I'm so glad I did! This little machine uses no power, doesn't have to be replaced, and picks up tons of hair that your vacuum may have missed. And it's oh, so satisfying to watch in action. Your cat parent friends are sure to thank you if you gift them this for Christmas! You can grab a ChomChom roller by clicking here.

7. Mushroom Cat Scratcher - $25.98

This mushroom-shaped cat scratcher was shared in a mushroom Facebook group I am in, and I knew right away I had to order it. It's not huge by any means, but my cats thoroughly enjoy it, it's super cute, and the price is really reasonable in my opinion. You can find this super-cute mushroom cat tree by clicking here, and it comes in different colors!

I hope this quick list gave you some great Christmas gift ideas for all of the aMEOWzing cat people in your life! Few things make cat moms and dads happier than having a house full of happy cats. ❤️



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